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  • Dialog+

    Standard Features :
    Evolving to meet customer needs, the Dialog+ sets standards with its three basic device configurations for extracorporeal blood treatment. The integrated and efficient treatment system permits users to have the greatest number of possible configurations in setting up the individual dialysis treatment. The new generation of the Dialog+ known as the Evo, demonstrates numerous comfort improvements for providers and patients. It also rigorously meets today's ergonomic and medical needs.
    Through its operating reliability and treatment safety, the Dialog+ system meets the requirement for a high treatment quality. Our powerful dialysers ensure highest treatment quality, which can also be measured by means of the optional Adimea system.
    The biologic RR Comfort biofeedback system and Nexadia data management system contribute to optimizing the procedures and quality of dialysis. Based on their perfect interaction, new dimensions of quality can be achieved for dialysis treatments.
    Thanks to its perfectly harmonized system consisting of an intelligent hardware and software, high-quality original accessories, excellent services and reliable worldwide logistics, the Dialog+ is a powerful and proactive investment. The balanced price-performance ratio is convincing over the entire system runtime and proves to be economically efficient even in daily operation.

  • Modula

    The aim with the development of the new modula reverse osmosis concept was to incorporate the proven and reliable DWA standard of dialysis water treatment into a flexible design concept. Based on an economic, cost effective and adaptable system designed to comply with different international dialysis requirements and regulations.
    The modula uses high quality materials and superior manufacturing to fulfil the objective to achieving maximum hygiene, optimum safety, long life and reliability of permeate production – with guaranteed economy through low operating costs and economical water consumption.
    Modula – the modular concept from DWA for high purity water for dialysis.