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Product List

  • M4 Series - Reverse Osmosis Machine 8,300 to 50,000 liters per day

    Standard Features:

    • Low-energy design reduces electrical requirements and operating costs
    • 5-micron pre-filter
    • Automatic inlet shut-off valve
    • Permeate and Concentrate flow meters
    • Remote machine on/off capability
    • Thermal Motor Protection
    • Pre-filter, post-filter, primary, and final pressure gauges
    • Flow control center including concentrate and recycle valves
    • Autoflush system
    • Low inlet pressure switch
    • Digital conductivity meter
    • Alarms: Low Inlet Pressure, Motor Starter overload

  • 700 Series Portable Reverse Osmosis System 650 to 2600 ml/min capacity

    Standard Features:

    • Specially designed for quiet operation.
    • Advanced performance monitoring includes percent rejection and a digital display of product water total dissolved solids as mg/L. For added safety, an audible alarm with adjustable set points is incorporated into the TDS monitor. The monitoring and instrumentation meets the standards recommended by the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI).
    • Panel-mounted pressure gauges continuously display important prefilter, pump, and product pressures.
    • Space-efficient design for easy portability.
    • Chemically compatible with 1% peracetic acid products.
    • Stainless steel RO pump and stainless steel pressure vessels are used for maximum strength, reliability, and longevity.
    • Thin film RO membranes for high permeate quality and long life.
    • Incoming water solenoid allows for easy changing of the prefilter element and system cleaning/disinfecting without disconnecting the incoming water supply.
    • Product water recirculation returns the excess product water into the feed stream, which reduces stress on the RO membranes, conserves water, inhibits bacterial growth, and lowers operating costs.
    • Easy to expand design allows for additional membranes to be added, increasing the capacity up to 2600 ml/min at 77°F, making it possible to operate more than one dialysis machine from the 700 Series RO.
    • FDA registered manufacturer meets stringent medical device requirements.
    • Listed as certified by CSA to Canadian and U.S. medical electrical standards. The 700 Series RO has been tested to and demonstrates compliance with CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 601.1-M90 (Safety of Medical Equipment, Part I.; General Requirements for Safety) and UL STD 2601-1 (Safety of Medical Equipment Part I.; General Requirements for Safety).

  • DWA Modula Central Reverse Osmosis

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